CARES - Centre for Advanced Research in Electronics and Software.

CARES (Centre for Advanced Research in Electronics and Software) is the brain child of our beloved Dr. Arun Raaza (, a leading scientist cum entrepreneur. The idea of initiating CARES came through various interactions with the students of several schools and colleges across the world and the need of basic and applied research was known. During his various lectures at several schools and colleges, it was observed that a lot of students are interested in inventions and towards Research & Development. Hence he decided to launch a unique platform CARES to motivate students on R&D activities.

Dr. Arun Raaza is the Director of CARD (Centre for Applied Research and Development) and Incubation Centre at VELS University where he has guided several students towards several Govt. funded projects, Industry funded projects, Award winning research projects at IITs, DY. Patil University- Pune, Knowledge UTSAV- Bangalore and many competitions held at several other reputed universities and colleges.

He is also the Chairman of CARS (Centre for Applied Research and Studies) - SBIOA Educational Trust. CARS ( was established for SBOA Schools and was inaugurated by Dr. Arun Raaza under the direction of Dr. Thomas Franco Rajendra Dev, Secretary and Correspondent, SBIOA Educational Trust. Dr. Arun Raaza and his team have trained the students of SBOA Junior College- Chennai, SBOA Model Matric school- Chennai, SBOA Matric school- Trichy and SBOA Matric school- Coimbatore. For the past two years the children of CARS have been participating in various science fairs and have bagged several awards too. Notable was, when the students of SBOA Model, Chennai- CARS achieved first prize of Rs. 50,000/- cash prize at “Science for the Future and AMET Science Innovation Award” fair in AMET University, Chennai and were provided with a free visit to ISRO, Bangalore and students of SBOA Coimbatore won first prize at “International Congress on Education and Public Welfare-ICEPW 2017”, held at Sathyabama University, Chennai. This made a huge impact on school students and following this success many students have participated in various science fairs and have excelled.

Apart from CARD- VELS University, CARS- SBIOA Educational Trust, Dr. Arun Raaza has guided several students from other colleges and universities towards many award winning research products. Now he is Chief Executive Officer of ATAL Tinkering Labs SBOA JC, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India by which he will provide hands on training on electronics and research to several students who are unable to afford it in free of cost.

CARES will be an elite department to the young inventors/innovators who are interested towards Research and Development. CARES will be a complete guideline to students on how to approach research and development. Scientists, students into R&D and Made in India products can contribute to growth of our nation. By applying the novel ideology to the students in an improved and deep science related technologies it's sensed that we will be producing more scientists and innovators who will change the course of our Country and World.

The aim is to cultivate research culture in the mind of students. Students will be introduced to proceeding with Research in their interested fields and will know about Patents, Paper Publications, Transfer of Technology, and Govt. funded projects etc. Also students will be having hands on basic electronics, the latest emerging technologies like industrial and agricultural automation, energy conservation devices and several other innovations. Not only that, the students will also be trained on soldering, building an ample number of robots or products using several development boards and many other technologies which the students won't be aware of and everything will be taught right from the scratch. This will not only improve the student's skills but also contributes towards the growth of our Nation by improving young bright minds of students.

"Let us innovate, excel and change the future for a better humanity".


Our core team constitutes elite mix of young and experienced academician and scientists who have contributed for numerous patents, publications, ToTs and funded projects across the globe.This core team will be mentoring and occasionally will provide key lectures either in person or through video conferencing.

Distinguished Advisory Committee:-

  1. Prof.Dr.S.P.Rajagoplan, Ex.Dean Madras University, Chennai
  2. Prof.Dr.G.Victor Rajamanicakam, Ex.Dean,Tamil University & Ex. Dean Sastra University
  3. Dr.G.Gangi Reddy, MD/TBI, Madras University
  4. Mr.Ramesh, Rtd.Associate Director, CAIR/DRDO
  5. Mr.Prabhu Narayanan, IPR Consultant

Our Notable Achievements:-

  1. Students of SBIOA Model Matric School- Chennai developed an Autonomous Combat Vehicle which they presented at Science for future and AMET science award at AMET University. The students excelled and were awarded 50,000 Rs/- of cash prize and a funded visit to ISRO, Bengaluru.
  2. Students of SBOA Matric School- Coimbatore developed a Fire Fighting Robot which they presented at International Congress on Education and Public Welfare (ICEPW-2017). The students excelled and were awarded 10,000Rs/- of cash prize.