Novel Smart Home Automation


  1. Our device can be operated via Bluetooth, GSM, Switches. This lets the User to access the device remotely via Bluetooth connectivity if within range and GSM globally.
  2. Device is installed near the DB box.
  3. All the loads that are to be automated are connected directly to our device.
  4. The connected loads can be controlled remotely from any part of the world
  5. Also, a unique status button is added to our mobile application through which the current working status(On/Off) of the loads connected to the device can be known.
  6. This device lets you to control your home appliance from any part of the world, which simultaneously lets you conserve energy. Imagine you leaving your home in a hurry and couldn’t remember which appliances you left in ON position consuming unnecessary energy, our Automation device and mobile application solves it.
  7. To avoid data traffic, data usage and people spending on internet packs, we have incorporated our device only with SMS based communication.
  8. By incorporating SMS based communication, our device can also be operated through very basic phones which eases the use for elderly people. And the market is widened up with the return of NOKIA.
  9. Our mobile application has a PRESET mode through which you can organise the working period of your appliance according to time programmed by the User. Imagine you are leaving work to home and just before you enter your home, your AC has done its job. COOL!


This product is mobile controlled user friendly and low cost home and industrial automation and security system.This system can be easily implemented with maximum reliability high security with low cost is a special enhancement for home security.

  1. Energy efficiency and convenience
  2. Remote access (lighting switches ON & OFF automatically), The automation system is the amount of labour, time, energy and materials that is saved
    Control with password protection
  3. We can control the automation with upto 5 mobile numbers
  4. SMS control (ON/OFF/Timer command)


  1. A smart home automation system allows you to save money and save the environment,
  2. Save energy and stop standby consumption,
  3. It gives you the control over your home from any location,
  4. Home automation keeps your family comfortable (you can turn your AC on before you head home so your house is nice and cool when you arrive).


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