Arcomm Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd specialises in Home and Industrial automation. Our products includes Smart Home Automation, Auto Controller and Water Level automation. All are patented and Made in India. Auto Controller is deployed at 200 State Bank of India ATM sites and it conserves around 30%-50% of EB bill.

The CEO of ARCOMM is Dr. Arun Raaza, young inventor and entrepreneur.

Arcomm Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been in the process of developing Industrial and agricultural automation products for the past few years. We design, develop and mass produce electronic devices for multiple applications that include security system, home/industry automation using mobile application etc. All our products are 100% “Made In India” so that service and maintenances becomes easy apart.

Arcomm Tech Solutions Private Limited is an Indian IT/Telecom company offering innovative solutions that focus highly on Home & Industrial Automation.
Our motto is to provide made in India products that conserves energy, reduces EB bill and provides luxury life style to customers.


Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company. We treat our client's businesses as we would our own . It truly makes us feel special to know that the clients to whom we provide services are so generous toward us.